Gold Coast Tourism Industry Needs Your Help After Covid-19

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The Impact of COVID-19

The world has been shaken by this new and unfamiliar virus called Covid-19. With this unprecedented global medical crisis, all nations implemented all the necessary policies to curb its impact. As a response to the policy, communities across the globe did endure painstaking efforts just to help contain the spread of the highly contagious virus.

At the height of a tougher government restrictions in Australia, more and more companies had to cease operations, JetBoat Extreme included. The Gold Coast Tourism and Entertainment Industries, which is dependent on close human contact, eventually came to a grinding halt.

It was a tough economic downturn. Thankfully, with the aid of the government, we were able to keep our key staff employed. We used this time to become more efficient and innovative in improving our jet boat adventure ride operations as well as health procedures that will ensure the safety of our passengers as we are getting ready to return.

Getting Back on Our Feet

What defines a business is how well it will rise after a fall. After a decline in COVID-19 cases, restrictions were eased and the best things about the Gold Coast, which you surely have missed, are coming back to the Gold Coast: the sunshine, fresh breeze, fun family gatherings, exciting outdoor adventures, and the incredibly friendly locals.

JetBoat Extreme reflects the definitive spirit of Gold Coast Tourism and Entertainment Industries in making the best out of the toughest times. Recovery will not take place overnight but we are now very much ready and more than excited to see your family play, enjoy and experience the adventures we offer while being safe and healthy at the same time.

The Local Gold Coast Tourism Needs Your Help

Covid-19 has left a lasting imprint on the tourism industry. With the foreseen slow resolution and recovery from the pandemic in the upcoming years, it will teach us to become resilient and united. Together, we are stronger in overcoming the problems that are facing our industry. Because of this, we are encouraging all Queenslanders to help the Gold Coast tourism industry by undertaking a holiday on the Gold Coast.

While helping us, you get to enjoy a wonderful and exciting experience of our beautiful scenery, great weather, playful tours and activities, world-class beaches, delicious food and beverages, and the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet. If you want a thrilling water adventure, JetBoat Extreme will tour you around Gold Coast’s 35 km picturesque waterways.

JetBoat Extreme Gift Voucher

From the day we suspended operations until we reopened, we worked hand in hand with the government to ensure passenger health and safety as a top priority. Notable changes in our operating hours and tour times are part of the implementation of our approved action plan to mitigate COVID-19 effects. Part of the plan includes social distancing and increased standard hygiene protocols.

Despite the new procedures we are implementing in this new normal, JetBoat Extreme’s commitment to giving you the most exciting jet boat ride will remain unchanged. Please support us in fulfilling this commitment in one way or another. If you are not able to cross the borders yet but are very much willing to support the local tourism industry, you can purchase a JetBoat Extreme gift voucher.

Choose from our packages such as the Ultimate Ocean Jet Boat Ride, Jet Boat with Heli Tour,  Jet Boat with Lunch, and Jet Boat with Surf Lessons. Get one for yourself so that you have something positive to look forward to or share it with someone special.

These vouchers can also serve as the best gifting solutions at this time as they are valid for up to 3 years. Not only that you get something out of it for yourself but you’ve shared inspiration and love by keeping the job of the locals alive.

Contact JetBoat Extreme today at 07 5538 8890 to book your jet boat ride or to purchase gift vouchers. For any other enquiries email info@jetboatextreme.com.au.

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