About Us

Jetboat Extreme is the first established jet boat company in Surfers Paradise, Australia, and is today, the Gold Coast's NO.1 jet boat experience.

Jet Boat Extreme was established in 2004 by a local businessman, Michael Gilmore, with a passion for boats and 30 years experience, from little run abouts to 20’ft bullet ski boats. Gilmore knows what is required to have boats perform and to be kept to the finest level of maintenance to ensure fun & safety for all our customers. He has hand picked Jet boat Extreme drivers with the required licenses and trained to harness the required skill needed to work with these amazing powerful machines.

Jet Boat Extreme's fleet have been designed and built locally. The purpose of this is to have the boats built to work and handle the waters of our local Broadwater, as performance is a big factor for giving more than a great ride.

Our impressive fleet has now grown to make us the largest jet boat company in Australia, providing the longest tour, which includes a journey through the glitz and glam of the Gold Coast’s multi-million-dollar mansions of the rich and famous.

The experience provides additional 360 degree jet spins and slides throughout the beautiful Broadwater region. Our customers enjoy both action and scenery.

Jet Boat Extreme is locally owned and operated and employs a team of dedicated drivers that enjoy giving everyone an experience that they will remember forever! We are proud to say we have thousands of customers that have returned to repeat their experience.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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