You're The Hero

SMILE! You’re on camera! Holiday memories are always good to share and look back on which is why we’ve got high-definition cameras installed in our jet boats to catch all the action with you as the main star. When a jet boat driver knows they’re about to throw a mega-move, they hit the record button to grab passengers’ hilarious reactions as they fully spin out! Your ride is edited into a professional, 2-minute video uploaded digitally onto PicThrive with high-resolution pics also available – perfect Facebook and Instagram bragging rights for friends and family to check out. We pride ourselves on offering the most competitively priced and highest-quality media packages around town; check them out below.

Ride Media Packages

Full Tilt High-res Video and Photo $35 (SAVE $5)
Ocean Motion High-res Video $20
Sea Snap High-res Photo $20


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Book Online

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