Play It Safe

life jackets

  • Slimline, inflatable life jackets are provided featuring a one-size-fits-all, adjustable strap.
  • Their clever design easily conforms to all passenger shapes and sizes.
  • Purpose-made for jet boating, they don’t ride-up and rub on your neck or ears.
  • Made from breathable materials; you stay cool even when the going gets hot!

spray jackets

  • Light and comfortable spray jackets are offered for cooler ride days.
  • They help cut out any wind chill and spray as you slip’n’slide across the water.
  • Both adult and child spray jackets are one-size-fits-all so simple for everyone to wear.
  • Spay jackets are offered FREE of charge by Jetboat Extreme. 

seat belts

  • Jetboat Extreme is the only open-air jet boat tour operator to provide lap seatbelts for all passengers.
  • They’re designed to stop you from sliding across the seat as drivers perform their high- performance mega-moves.
  • This means you stay comfortable and safe not having to hold on too tight for the ride of your life!


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