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bucks party on the gold coast

Planning to throw an exciting and adrenaline-pumped Buck’s party? The Gold Coast is a popular place for the lads looking to throw a killer party for a groom-to-be. There's dozens of awesome activities to keep the boys entertained. To make your planning easier, we've narrowed down our picks for the best buck's party activities! Check out some local activities we recommend below. 


Paintball is a challenging and fun way to let off some steam while testing your jungle skills and shooting abilities. In this course, there is only one mission and that is to duck over barricades and dodge bullets through the jungle to capture the flag. Do you think that sounds easy? Only if the rival team allows you to seize it without putting up a fight.

What are you waiting for? Call in your squad of men and leave the boys behind. Wear your armour, plan your tactics and conquer the paintball arena! 

Go Karting

Ever wonder how race car drivers feel around the track? Have a go and test your driving skills around the Go Kart track. A Go Kart experience is an excellent way to pump up your adrenaline at a Buck’s party. Put on the suit, hop in the kart, start the engines, make the perfect drifts, avoid collisions and fly around the race track lap by lap. Who will take the crown and be the fastest? Check out different packages here.

Axe Throwing

Fond of dart games? Why don’t you and the lads crank it up a notch with the highly recommended axe throwing on the Gold Coast? Bring out the inner Vikings in you and test your axe throwing ability.

It’s played similar to dart rules. The goal is to score as high as you can by hitting the multi-coloured concentric circle targets. Sound dangerous? Not at all! Before you throw, the pro staff will teach you how to throw the axes properly. Fences also separate the throwing lanes of all players to avoid the crossing over of thrown axes.

So, make sure include axe throwing in your Buck’s party activity list! Pick your teams and see who has the best aim among the gang.

Sky diving gold coast

Sky Diving

Have you seen the comedy-drama movie “The Bucket List”? Jack Nicholson’s and Morgan Freeman’s terminally ill characters went skydiving to complete their bucket list. But why wait if you and your friends can just give it a go now? This extreme activity at the Gold Coast is a blockbuster hobby of pure thrill-seekers.

Aboard the Gold Coast passenger jets with parachutes strapped, you and the instructor will get off the plane and experience a stirring free fall from 12,000 feet. Once the parachutes are opened, you and your tandem  partner will leisurely float for  just enough time to glaze at the beautiful beaches, structures, and the scenic spots of Gold Coast before landing at Kirra Beach. Check out all skydiving packages for the best deals.

When done with your first skydive, you’d probably want to do a more daring dive the next time. 

Beer Tour

After completing some of the fun-filled and action-packed experiences the Gold Coast has to offer, a brewery visit might be called on to satisfy your thirst. A gratifying tour of the Gold Coast’s finest breweries is one sure hit to satisfy the blokes.

Suitable for beer lovers, the Gold Coast has plenty of breweries where you get to have a first-hand experience of the bold aroma and taste of malt liquor being manufactured. The breweries at Gold Coast are popular for manufacturing lots of nice stuff, amazing art walls, and party beach vibes. Indeed, a brewery tour at Gold Coast will greatly intensify your appreciation for beer the moment you drink it. 

Jet Boat Ride

Ready, get set, jet! A jet boat ride is a must-do ride that should always be top of your list as you plan a Buck’s party on the Gold Coast. The Jet Boat is powered by 650 hp twin jet engines that will surely give you a wild water ride full of exciting spins and slides.

As safety is ensured with our highly experienced drivers and state-of-the-art jet boat safety features, all you have to do is feel the rush of your adrenaline and scream out your need for that crazy speed. But hey, just make sure to savour the spectacular scenery of the Gold Coast’s attractions as you scream. This way your 55-minute jet boat ride will be the most memorable, unique, and thrilling one you can possibly have.

With our jet boat ride + scenic helitour package, you can send the buck up into the sky for a thrilling helicopter tour of the Gold Coast while his adrenaline is still running high.

Read more about the awesome boats and drivers at Jet Boat Extreme.

Jet Boat Extreme on the gold Coast

Throw a Buck’s Party with Jet Boat Extreme

With these thrilling activities, you and your mates will have an epic buck’s party on the Gold Coast this weekend. All you have to do is contact Jet Boat Extreme and get ready to go to the party.

Jet Boat Extreme offers different jet boat ride packages that include an ultimate jet boat experience, a Gold Coast helitour, surfing lessons, and lunch. Call us at 07 5538 8890 or book online to schedule a thrilling Buck’s party on the Gold Coast today!

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