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Tue, 12th Jun 2018

Show your Mum some love this Mothers' Day

Jetboat Extreme - Show your Mum some love this Mothers' Day - <p>Show her the love this Mothers' Day</p>

Show her the love this Mothers' Day

Wed, 9th May 2012

Why not give your Mum something to remember this Mothers' Day and send her down to Jetboat Extreme for a whirl around the Gold Coast's spectacular waterways. Giving flowers and chocolates year after year is nice but why not think outside the square this year and give Mum an experience - you can always shout her to a nice meal (there are plenty of local cafes and restaurants offering specials for Mum this Sunday) afterwards. We will be operating from our Ferry Avenue, Surfers Paradise location all day and would love to see your Mum down here - promise we'll look after her! Wishing all you Mums out there (and ours) a lovely day!

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